Why are shopaholics shopaholics?

(skip to 4th paragraph if you just want a brief overview) Why do I buy things I find at a ridiculously good price? Because it makes me feel smart about my money and getting what I want at the same price. It is almost like I am hunting and my prey is the bargain as cheesy as that sounds there is a high that goes with getting the best deal possible. This can be problematic when you become a hoarder or you overspend. I have a problem. I have had to unfollow certain pages where I know I am more tempted to buy cheap used but relatively good quality items. But man is it hard.

I find that when I buy an item it gives me a rush, a sense of belonging. Shopping relieves my loneliness if only for a bit. Whether it be furniture, clothes or my lastest obsession, thrifting designer goods, I easily become obsessed and it is actually difficult for me to stop if I do not realize that it is an obsession and wrong for me (not saying there is wrong with how other people want to spend their money, they earn it and therefore they get to choose how to spend it) to spend all of my money on shoes, or clothes or handbags.

I am actually  trying to distance myself from temptations and concentrate on work, on research, on writing, other outlets for my loneliness instead of spending what could be my savings.

Shopaholics shop in most case because they feel better when shopping. I, for example, get a high from going out and getting anything at all. Maybe you shop to fit in, or shop to be different, get compliments, be ahead of the curve, but next time you go out ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does this make me feel like I could take on the world?
  2. Does this fit in my budget?
  3. Would I “die” without it?

If you answered yes to all three then go for it! Just remember that you should never spend more than you can and that a nice, clean closet usually leads to a feeling of being put together and if you have a closet or home full of things you adore. Maybe this experience for me will lead me towards a closet I am proud of, a home that is organized and clean and a less cluttered life.