Well this is terrible. I’ve just realized that what I’m good at is finding sales and brand name products for the best prices. I found a Zac Posen iconic eartha medium handbag for $70 brand new at tjmaxx. That price costs $550 new or when it went on sale at ASOS £235.00. How crazy is that? I found a free rug today that still has the price tag on it (originally cost $49.99). I have found many a thing and well now I have rebranded my instagram to show my shopping bargain finds. I’m not sure this will be the best for my shopping addiction but if I have something that I love to do and can share it with other people or when there are sales maybe I can find more people like me. Those who want to have nice, luxurious things but at the same time not break the bank, those who want to look like a million bucks but can’t/don’t want to break the bank (hey, I’m not judging you if you do break the bank trust me I’ve been there but have learned I cannot handle it). If anyone wants to check it out it’s @black_hat_andrea


Awkward encounters

If you are reading this you must be extremely bored so I will entertain you. The other day I was shadowing (following) a nurse and we came across an old man. He asked me, “Do you know when to kiss a boy?” I said, “Nope.” He responded with, “When he’s rich.” That’s one encounter.
Yesterday, I went to the movie theater to watch a movie with my best friend. I went to get nachos and the guy asked me how many jalapeños. I said one and he came back and said, “I brought you two.” I said, “Thank you.” My friend then whispered to me, “He must’ve seen your heritage.” He then, aggressively, says, “You talking shit?” Well, that escalated quickly.
Today I went to the museum with my best guy friend and his best friend. His best friend carried me so I could touch the ceiling of one of the exhibits. Yolo right? Just stereotypical teenage occurrences. Anyways hope this entertained you even if you for a bit.
Until next time,