Last Friday Night

In case y’all wanted to know about my actual life and not just my thoughts, last Friday I forgot that I was in my archeology class so on the pop quiz I wrote the 4 other subfields of anthropology (cultural, biological, and linguistic for those of you needing to know) but not archeology…I also steamed the autoclave room to where many officials had to come by, I hit my head in the shower and I locked myself out of my apartment. That is all.



So, my boyfriend of now 5 months used tinder right before I went to visit him. He messaged this girl named Sky and said “Hey Sky, my parents told me you are my limit.” Is this disrespectful to me? I honestly do not know. I am hurt. I do not like it and almost broke up with him because of it. He also messaged other girls but deleted those messages. The fact that he deleted those messages make things worse. I am hurt and honestly believe he did it because he just didn’t have anyone to talk to. The thing is he ignored me to talk to that girl. He also put a lot more thought into the pickup line he used for her than the one he used for me. I want to break up with him because I feel that that would be the correct thing to do but I do love him and I also believe he loves me and just was either high or thought it was harmless. His friends go swooping (hitting on girls), even though they have girlfriends. Maybe this relationship is just not very serious for him. I do not know what to do and here I am sitting and venting and putting my problems out on the internet for everyone to see. The only plus side is that this blog is anonymous. I am really disappointed in him. Will I be able to trust him again or will I start blogging again about my multiple romantic encounters? I really think he could be the one, but I am afraid I will not be able to get over this silly little incident. I want to but I just feel like I am putting a lot more into the relationship than he is. Maybe it’s time to call it quits…it just feels so natural with him.